Social and Solidarity Economy to help Moroccan Handcrafters

This is the first solidarity market of its kind in Morocco. A nonprofit organization “Mohamed V Fundation” was  Located in Casablanca,


Inaugurated by 2017, the market is a pilot project of the foundation. If he succeeds, others should open in several cities in Morocco.

According to officials, 152 cooperatives are currently involved in the project, including 77 exclusively females and 5 males.

"This solidarity market has been well thought out to support the marketing of cooperative products, especially women's products," said the head of the communication and institutional development unit of the Mohammed V Foundation responsible of this project. The idea of ​​the project "came from a reflection at the end of the line. Many of these carpets come from the training and qualification centers of the foundation that have been developed throughout Morocco and especially in the Southern region. Taznakht especially where we have a large center, "she continues.

The prices displayed are for the most part affordable. the cooperatives are setting their own sales prices based on production costs and packaging, among others. The products on sale are almost all certified organic and the profits from sales are paid entirely to cooperatives. For now, they "only pay for the transport costs, but from the second year, we will require a contribution from them, a levy on sales profits, which will serve to ensure the sustainability of the center"

According to the manager, this contribution would be established between 5 and 10% "maximum".

 we find all kinds of local products carefully presented. Food and cosmetic argan oil, pomegranate vinegar, date syrup, euphorbia honey, Dades ham, prickly pear nectar ... everything is there.

Other areas of the store are devoted to handicrafts, leather poufs, tapestry, pottery, tannery, Carpets, Rugs, woodwork or textiles. In total, more than 2,200 products are on sale.



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