Wholesale Program

With MHC (Morocco HandCrafts) Wholesale Program*, you can purchase products at 45% off the retail price and sell them online or in your place of business. Here are the features of the Wholesale Program:

  • You will receive discount of 45%
  • There is a $350 order minimum to receive this Wholesale Discount (45%).
  •  Shipping charge will be calculated based on order items


How the wholesale program works:

  • You contact our sales team and you specify the list of products that you want to order within the wholesale program.
  • Our sale team will create a draft order based on your request and then email the invoice. You will receive a personalized invoice with wholesale discount of 45% off all of the items in the Wholesale category (Obviously, if the order minimum amount  is reached).
  • You connect to our website and you complete the purchase.
  • Items are shipped and can take up to 10 business days to ship ( for more detail see the shipping page). 

 * Rugs and Pillows aren't included in the MHC Wholsale Program 

For more details, please contact us at info@moroccohandcrafts.com